Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alise's new hair

11.7.08 Alise showing her new hair style

11.7.08 Alise's side profile showing her new hair

11.7.08 Alise's new hair cut 

11.7.08 Alise Dawn showing off her new hair I think this is a face of a satisfied customer!


My friend Mimi Connolly and I were hanging out and bored.  We had our 50 girls running around us...ok 7 not 50....close enough!  I looked at Lise Alise 10-6-08....






and said....Let's cut her hair!  Mimi was so excited, she said she was just waiting for me to ask for months.  Poor Lisee has the thinnest stringy hair.  I think Mimi did a good job. 


She's open for business!  243-4435  She'll be so happy I put that on my blog.  :)     lol     This is a picture of Mimi. 

Mimi Connolly


11.8.08 Brynn in her soccer gear Brynn's first year of soccer was a success despite many collisions with others.  A few tears and assurance she was ok.  It was so much fun to watch her play.  She was usually the smallest but just as aggressive as any of them. 

 Brynn, age 5 playing in her first soccer game

Brynn's soccer team age 5 11.1.08 My cousin Lyndsay Lyman was Brynn's coach and did such a good job.  Brynn loved being on Colby and Ellie's team....they were in preschool together so they already knew each other well.

September 2008 what a serious soccer player Brynn is! Look at that tuff athlete face!  :)

September 2008 019 Alise having a drink with Brynn during a break.

Chloe 5 months at Brynn's soccer game Chloe cheering from the sideline.

Torri, Grandma Rhonda and Alise watching Brynns soccer game Cousin Torri Tenney and Grandma Rhonda holding Alise on the sidelines.