Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 29th - Doug's Birthday!!

We went to Eva's and ate then we came home and had an ice cream cake to celebrate Doug's 33rd birthday. It was just our family and my parents. lol We are probably going to go to Greer this weekend with Doug's good friend Spencer Platt and wife Kelly and eat at Molly Butler's Resteraunt. Molly Butler is Doug's great grandmother and we've never been there so I told Doug we could do that for his B-Day.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Brynn's digital Camera Pictures

Brynn has become quite the photographer...she has taken a lot of good pictures. I was really surprised. She is so excited to share all her pictures with everyone...
All of these, plus the slide show, she took!

We got the picture of the Snowflake Temple from my parents for Christmas. I love it!

This is Brynn's preschool class. She took this picture at school. Five of us mothers are taking turns teaching the kids.

A cute picture Brynn took of Alise

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year's 2007

We went to my Uncle Mark's cabin in Pinetop for New Years. My Mom's side of the family was there. Brynn and Alise were the only kids there after Lyndsay left so they got a lot of attention, which they thoroughly enjoyed!!! The adults kept asking them to act out different animals which they did very well. We all ate dinner then played games until midnight. It was a very relaxing holiday.

Doug is a very dramatic charades player!

Girls doing animal tricks for the adults

Christmas Morning 2007

Christmas was so fun! The girls loved posing in front of the tree as you can see. :) Brynn got the train set she was asking for and Alise got a talking Elmo with lots of other little things.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve with everyone

Christmas Eve we get together with Kristi's family and friends and have green chile that Doug Brewer makes...then we go to my parents home and have a testimony meeting. After the meeting we open presents from Grandma & Grandpa and stockings the following morning. Christmas was so good this year!!!! Everybody was there and the spirit at our meeting was wonderful! The girls loved being with there cousins and couldn't wait for Santa to come. My mom gives us money to get gifts for her my mom gave Brynn a kids digital camera, which she loves and takes great pictures too!!! Alise got a doll (Lily) that teaches her how to count and stuff like that...she also loves it! Christmas couldn't have been better...We are very blessed!

Alise showing off her new glasses

Brynn with one of her favorite cousins, Baylee

Doug playing with the kids

Lots of cousins!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Halloween 2007

Brynn 4 really wanted to be a carebear for Halloween but we couldn't find a costume that fit her in time. We already had one in Alise's size so Brynn was a little jealous at first, but being the good big sister she is....she was happy that Alise was a carebear. Brynn's Grandma Rhonda bought her Snow White costume with pretty "sparkly" shoes....she was happy and beautiful!!!

Alaska Vacation - Aug. 2007

Doug and I got to go on a 7 day cruise to Alaska with an LDS Tour. My parents, Grandparents, Aunt Stacey and Uncle Gary Farr, Uncle Mark, sister Kalee & Travis Tenney and younger brother Matthew all got to go too. We wish everybody could have come but schedules didn't mesh. It was so relaxing and fun!!! The food was awesome! Jana Hatch, one of my brother's friends from H.S. watched our girls and did an excellent job. Anyway here is a slide show of some pictures.

This was my favorite spot in Alaska. I love this picture too!

Doug looks hot in this picture!

A pretty view from the ship