Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Brynn's first day of Kindergarten! :( :)

I can't believe my first baby is old enough to go to school! It has been a bitter sweet experience. I forgot my camera when we took Brynn to school the first day (it was just the parents orientation) so my sister in law Megan took these pictures at the school for me...Thanks Meg! Brynn and Jace, her son, are in the same class... Mrs. Romney. Brynn has been ready for school for a long time. She loves to learn and seems to pick up on these pretty quick. I took some pictures of her and Brooke (I was watching Brooke for Star because she had an appointment in the valley) waiting for the bus to pick them up for school. They were so excited and not very patient waiting for the fifteen minutes later than they said. It was crazy for me...watching Brynn get on a big ol' bus. It just didn't seem right. The letting go process begins... It's just soooo hard!

Beautiful Brynn

Cousins...Jace and Brynn Chlarson

Brooke and Brynn talking about what they talk about...

My girls and Brooke

Brynn getting on the bus for the first time....I started to cry and all these cars were there probably laughing at me... lol

Brynn's Joseph play July 2008

I have been slacking on my blog lately! Having three young kids has thrown me off a little. Anyway...Brynn did the Joseph play in July. They had practise once a week for a couple months to learn the music and then the week prior to the show it was every day for three hours to learn the dancing. Then the shows itself were 2 hours twice a day. I thought I would be having to drag her there by the end of it because she is only 5 and her attention span is only so long. I was wrong...she loved doing it. All of it! I didn't have to force her to go to practises of the performances once. It was so fun going to the performances and watching her. She was so good! She is so precious. They wouldn't let us take pictures of the performance but I got a few at home and at the auditorium...

Colby Lyman and Brynn

Brynn and a few of the kids in the show...they were all so sweet with her.

Brynn waiving on the float...she looks so cute in this picture. The little boy 2 kids to the left of Brynn fell off the float about a minute after this picture was taken...Notice he has long blonde hair and a green shirt like Brynn...Doug thought it was Brynn (it freaked him out) when he went to get Brynn off the float. The kid ended up being ran over by the float and it broke his pelvis. He was airvacked to Flagstaff I think. The parents don't have insurance so the whole thing was pretty sad. He's ok now.

Brynn doing some of the dance moves from the play.