Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brynn's trip to the hospital 4/23/08

Wednesday morning Brynn woke up with hives all over her body and she said it hurt when she walked. I gave her benadryl and called the doctor. She goes to Dr. Bailey in Pinetop so we took her there at noon. By then the benadryl had helped the hives start to fade a little and she wasn't concerned by her not wanting to walk...she just said if the benadryl was working she couldn't do anything and just to watch her. So, we went to wal-mart after the appt and Brynn started with a fever and the hives started in full force again. I gave her more benadryl then at 4:00 pm we noticed her feet were swollen. Then by seven her feet, hands and then lips started to swell. I took Alise and Chloe to my mom's and we headed to the hospital. Brynn had had 5 shots eight days earlier and we had read on the mumps measles shot that hives and joint pain "could" be a bad allergic reaction and to seek help immediately. So Doug and I were really scared that something really bad was happening. Poor Brynn was so scared to be going to the hospital, by the time we got to the light in Show Low she was saying she was going to throw up...I think because she was so scared. They gave her an iv when we got there (which was hell!) She was crying she was scared, I want to go home...please don't poke me. It was too much for me! Doug held her down and I held her legs. It was so sad. Thank goodness they only had to poke her once! They gave her some steroids, more benadryl and ib profen. It took about 6 hours for the swelling to start to come down. I had to leave the hospital and midnight so I could go home and feed Chloe...she is such a good baby, she waited 6 hours to feed. My Dad came and picked me up and helped Doug give her a blessing which gave us comfort. It was still very hard to leave because she was still so swollen and there was no improvement then.

She came home the next day with the swelling a lot better. She has to take steroids for 5 days and a perscription stronger than benadryl for a week. Today is Saturday and the swelling is gone but the hives have been bad. Today is the first little improvement of the hives. We believe that she will heal completely in a few days. We are so thankful that it was this and nothing permanent.

This picture was taken Thursday night.

These picture were taken Friday...the hives would move around her body but alway covered most of it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Brynn's 5th B-Day

Brynn turned 5 the day after Chloe was born (April 13th). We are happy they both have their own birth days. Brynn waited patiently all day until we got back from the hospital (around 5:00 pm) to blow out her candles and open presents. When she was done opening her presents, she said in a very excited and grateful voice..."these presents are fantastic!" She is so precious!!! Doug and I are so proud of our Brynn. She is such a great big sister! She and Alise are the best of friends and Brynn is always quick to share or do anything to make her sister or anyone around her happy. She is so kind, giving, loving, SMART, and has a strong desire to do what is right. I am so thankful that you were sent to me Brynn. Your Dad and I will love you forever!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chloe Kae April 12, 2008

Chloe Kae Chlarson was born April 12, 2008 @ 2:40 pm. She weighed 6 lb 1 oz which makes her my biggest baby. (Brynn was 5' 2, Alise 5' 5) I went in Friday night @ 1:15 am and had contractions 3 minutes apart but dialated slowly...they gave me an epidural around 8:30 am and started me on pit...I LOVE EPIDURALS!!! She was posteriery just like my other 2 babies (which makes it harder to push them out because it makes their head a lot bigger then if they would come out the right way) plus her hands were by her face which is not good! Very ouchy! Nothing a few stiches won't take care of. Today is day 4 and I'm happy to say she is a very good baby!!! She is sleeping a lot and she doesn't spit up like my other two did. She's just perfect and we feel so blessed!!!

This is the day before I had Chloe...37 weeks

Chloe's first picture

Dad's first good look

Dr. Tindall with us...

Grandma & Grandpa Great with Chloe

Brynn, Chloe & Alise's first time together

Pretty Chloe...

Dad & Chloe